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Sure there must be fans of this abominational phenomenon of a genre here, too. Have been looking into the ol' vapey myself recently only to find myself being kinda picky. Some atmospheric, mellow stuff I like very much, whereas some more experimental stuff mostly doesn't quite do anything to me.

Some personal favourites are

Also realised that Nanocyborg Uberholocaust kinda could be seen as a sort of a pioneer of the genre:

Also as a random addition, I once did some eperimental recordings myself, trying to figure out how to record and produce music through trial and error. None of it is any good but why I mention it is because I vapourified a track from yore, just for the lulz. Don't really recommend checking this out but whatever. For our collective amusement only:
I'm pretty sure the beginnings are attributed to Chuck Person and Macintosh Plus!
Sure they are, it just crossed my mind yesterday that Nanocyborg has been doing similar kinda stuff for quite long Smile
I keep checking in on new Vaporware stuff every now and then, I tend to find it a bit slow and spacey for my liking, but thats also sort of the point to it as well, Its probably very awesome to listen to when partaking in certain smokables Big Grin
Blank Banshee is pretty good.
Wrote an academic paper on vapor-wave's relationship with techno-orientalism last week...
if you like vapourwave you should check out the subreddit at /r/vaporwave. There they run a contest every so often where members of the community create and vote on tracks based around a sample or theme chosen  by the winner of the previous competition. Here are two of my favorites:

I Dont Want To Be Awake Right Now by COCAINEJESUS

☼ ストリートライト ☼ by sun

Those two are actually from the same hyperbattle. Here's a link to all the songs created for it.
I was pretty surprised to find 4000 views on the "Vaporizer" album I put together last year. I hadn't checked it out in a good few months. Oh it sure got its share of downvotes, but Perturbator and myself both enjoy it thoroughly.

(04-16-2016, 10:13 PM)yf-23 Wrote: [ -> ]☼ ストリートライト ☼ by sun

This one sounds good!  The other one didn't sound like v-wave to me.