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Full Version: Selling a rare bass guitar...
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May be of interest to peeps here. After several half-hearted attempts to sell over the past couple of years, I've finally taken the plunge and put my Ibanez Giger bass on eBay. 'Tis a sad day, but it's gotta go to a good home...
Wow damn that's pretty cool.
whoa! that is soooo cool!
I don't play bass, but damn that would look good on my wall.
It's looked great on my wall for four years, that's the problem, lol. Time to admit that my gigging days are long over. Still, that bass shared a stage with Afgrund, Malevolent Creation, General Surgery, Avulsed and Deicide amongst others. Good times.
Good luck selling it, man. I already have a bass I don't play, haha.