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I am selling my vinyl collection, mostly unplayed as I was away from England these two years and still updating the collection. I also had to sell my turntable a while back so had nothing to play it all on, now I need money so it's time to get brutal and sell it all. 
There are a few Blood Music releases in there, including the super-rare and never repressed WHOURKR albums for all you Igorrr fans. lots of different stuff from various genres. 
I won't make a list here as I will be listing it all on ebay, here is my ebay page for you to browse (may not all be listed before the weekend so do check back, I can't do it all in a day)

I am in the UK, starting bids fairly at prices I paid (including shipping costs etc so I don't lose money). I will obviously combine postage on any multiple orders but it's not likely I will discount prices.
When will you post the vinyl?
(08-18-2017, 11:25 AM)imconfuzed Wrote: [ -> ]When will you post the vinyl?

I'll post anything within one working day of cleared payment.
I put some other stuffnon Discogs as 257. decided it's betterbthan ebay
Great selection, but the conversion rate makes it tough for me.
(08-23-2017, 04:33 PM)RevolvingImages Wrote: [ -> ]Great selection, but the conversion rate makes it tough for me.

yeah, I guess this is more for the UK and European market. 
Most prices are takingninto account full purchase costs including shippig FROM the US, so if it's going back ti the dollar it's a lot. I've mostly sold to the UK, France, Germany. mostnof the weird and best stuff is gone, with the metal and progressive stuff lingering... and the stupidly expensive Blood Music release, my financial needs have made me place high price as most people do, I'm hoping the guy in the sky forgives me!
people are welcome to make offers also.
As I will soon be leaving England I am prepared to discount bundles of what is left of my vinyl collection. bargains to be had
Full list of what I have left, need to sell this all in the next few weeks and will do a bundle deal. 

Most of these vinyl have never even been played as I was vinyl hoarding whilst abroad for some years. CDs have been played but are in great condition. 

Individual prices can be seen on Discogs, I will discount for any multiple buys as I need to sell it all, if anyone wants to buy the whole lot at once I will do it at 50% of the total listing price and you can make some profit as I just don't have time now. Some of these are pretty rare and will get good prices, but takes patience as they're a little niched. 

-Self titled
-The Wound and the Bow

-Ygg huur

-Rad a Trest

Ash Borer:
-2009 Demo (I have two copies)

The Great Old Ones:
-AL Azif

Blind Idiot God:
-Before Ever After


Inter Arma:
-Sky Burial

Burial Chamber Trio:
-self titled

sunn o))):
-Monoliths & Dimensions (original pressing)
-Oracle (1st clear vinyl press, special master)

Scott Walker/sunn o))):

Behold... the Arctopus:
-Nano-Nucleonic Cyborg Summoning (rare white silk-screen)
-Skullgrid (red/black swirl)
-Horrorscension (Green swirl)

Sir Richard Bishop:
-While My Guitar Violently Bleeds
-Fingering the Devil
-The Freak of Araby

-Demonstration 1998 (7")
-Lurker at the Threshold (picture 7")

Kayo Dot:
Plastic House on Base of Sky (baby blue)

I also have a few CDs left over: Estradasphere - Passion for Life (CD+DVD), Inter Arma - Sundown, Mick Barr - Coiled Malescence / OCTIS: Iohargh Wended.